His name is Woodrow. He’s 14 and very ill, Wednesday is his last day, but he’ll always be a good Doggo. He loves to sit by the fire and on the couch.

Brings back memories for me OP. I regret not spending more time saying goodbye. My dog Sparky had a scan and the vet told me she could die at any moment due to dozens of small tumors putting pressure on her lungs. The most humane thing was to put her to sleep peacefully rather than letting her suffer and panic.

But the shock of being told that meant sub-consciously we just wanted her to be out of pain ASAP and within 10 minutes she was gone. I regret not spending more time saying goodbye.

Take his favorite food/treat with him to the vets and spend as long as you need saying good bye privately. Hold him and relax him, let his last memory be the familiar scent of his best friend as he rests comfortably enjoying a snuggle. Dogs, like all animals live in the moment...they don't think or worry about the future, they live in the here and now, and being close to them in their final moment is all they will know.

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