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Repent. Jesus,my Husband who reigns and Son of God, comes soon. Obama is antichrist and will use rfid chip as mark of beast with Francis from Catholicism who is the False Prophet of Revelation. There will be fallen angels and giants and aliens going to deceive people as well as much more. Rapture is soon. Don't make anyone your idol. Focus on Jesus. USA/NYC (Babylon) and many nations will undergo destruction. Usa is Babylon. War coming soon. Russia may invade Usa (Babylon).Plead the blood of Jesus. Kingdom of God is near. There will be three days of darkness. Please prepare as that will be when Jesus shall visit people. Be holy. Repent of all sin. Avoid sinning. Hell is real. I am an unprofitable servant and least of everything by infinity. Shalom Aleichem. Peace be with you

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