Historically all other races were nicer than the white race

The same source I'm using, you mean no source? xD Because I'm not the one who made the original claim, so the burden of proof is on you. If you're going to claim something, it's meaningless and has no value if you can't back it up. Because if you can simply say something and therefor it is true, you can't argue someone else who chooses to do the same. It's pathetic.

And what's more pathetic is that you've proven your point; that YOU have had to deal with racism from whites, and therefor you don't like them. So you're racist to whites because you had to deal with racism from SOME whites. It's really ignorant and pathetic, not a "realization" nor does anything about it have "clarity."

You had to deal with racism, and that's wrong, yes, you shouldn't have had to deal with that. But you allowed the racism SOME people have caused you, to make you into the very thing you despise. A racist. You think because YOU had to deal with racism, or because this this and that white person are racist, ALL must be, or most at least.

You actually believe that because of YOUR personal experiences with a certain race, they should all be judged in the same way. It's ignorance at its highest point. And don't worry, I never lose sleep because of ignorance, or racism. Those atrocities won't steal anything from me if it's my choice.

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