The History of Christianity

Not sure if this will be a popular opinion here or not, but I don't consider the LDS to be Christian.

That's actually not a particularly controversial view among ex-Mormons. Users over on the Mormon subs, notably /u/4blockhead, have been laying out the case that Mormonism is a new Abrahamic religion.

Attaching Mormonism to the tree of Christian denominations by way of Methodism is well justified in a historical-cultural sense, if not theologically or ecclesiastically. Joseph Smith was attending Methodist revivals and may even have attempted to join a Methodist church even during the period he claimed he was being ministered to by the angel Moroni. Moreover, the Holiness Movement generally paved the way for early Mormonism's relative facility in gaining converts in early 19th century America. The Book of Mormon is studded with references to the various theological debates and concerns of that movement and time.

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