[History] "GamerGate: How Gamers Were the First to Stand Up Against Grievance Social Justice" (posting again because people are talking about GG on Twitter again)

thanks. that was driving me crazy, I'm usually ok at figuring out what acronyms means

as for the sub, it's not my cup of tea. you know, sometimes I wonder if we'd have been able to win WW2 if Americans of the 40s were as unwilling to make sacrifices for the sake of the common good as contemporary Americans apparently are. the government impressed people into service, forced them to get vaccinated (often with newly invented, experimental vaccines), commandeered commercial and industrial infrastructure, taxed everyone six ways from sunday and rationed food as well. today? many Americans won't even wear a mask. I can only imagine how outraged they'd be by all the other stuff WW2 asked of them

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