History people of Reddit, what is a fun/surprising/interesting fact about the past that not many know about?

Well the things that im talking about suggest that not everything was just straight up genocide. For example, the gas chambers are thought to have been used as cleaning chambers to get rid of diseases. However, the chemicals used were harmful and thus killed the people when they were contained in a small sealed off space. Its also thought that the jews were more Prisoners of War rather than just genocide victims. The jews had called for a war against the germans 50+ years before WW2. So when the germans attacked the jews, it was seen as a political war that became hot. However since the jews arent an established country, they didnt have an army and this could not fight back. Theyve found evidence that in many of the camps, there were lounge like areas that had games and stuff for the jews. So it becomes a lot more grey and very confusing.

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