I hit silver!

When i became lvl 30 in season 3 i immediately started playing rabked, my placements went well and i got silver 4. But i wasnt a silver player so i lost a lot. I eventually got in silver 5 with 0lp losing everything. So i quit playing ranked because i wasnt skilled enough. Season 3 ended, i had a bad mmr. But at least i had that silver border, which was nice.

Season 4 started. I didnt play my placements until midseason or something. I finally played my placement games because a friend just hit lvl 30 and got silver 3 because he won 7 games. I eventually won 7 out of the 10 games but got bronze 2 which sucked, but hey that is what you get for being a complete noob last season. But it sucked anyway.

I knew i was just as skilled as my friends but they played more so they all got low silver. I didnt play enough ranked because i didn't like playing alone and I often became angry at my fellow bronzies because i thought they sucked. Playing with my friends was much more fun so i only played when a bunch of my friends were online.

So season 4 is comming to an end and I'm still in bronze 2 which sucked. But wen I realized that i was going to lose my beautiful silver border something changed. I wanted to keep that border. So I only had 3 days left to get to silver. I started playing as much as possible and only played 2 champs from which i knew i would do good on no matter what. It took me two days (not non stop, but more like a couple of games in the evening) to get to bronze one i had one evening left and i could get to silver if i only lost 2 games i won everything so i got in my placements but lost 3 games in a row. The dream was over. I would lose my banner :(

I was disappointed, but i wasnt mad. I never had so much fun playing this game. It was awesome to play for something. I learned a lot about playing with random people who don't know certain things. I learned how to carry games, how to deal with leavers, flamers, feeders and i loved it.

A couple of weeks ago i did hit silver it felt great. I cant wait for the new season to start. I played only 70 ranked games until now. But i hope i get to play a lot more next season. Next goal challenger :p.

I just want to say that it is all a about trying, learning and having fun. I never knew how much fun ranked was until i really tried. You learn a lot more from ranked games and i love it.

Sorry for my poor English, I'm not a native

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