Hitler reactions from last week when TDB released.

I have calmed down about the changes by primarily playing other games and visiting Destiny forums less. I did what I could to voice my concerns and I can only hope that the outrage and the metacritic/critic reviews are enough to persuade change soon. I agree with this Destiny-addicted Hitler--everything except running more bounties.

I'm asking for very little, in spite of my ability to identify the litany of issues with Destiny: give me additional reward for upgrading a gun that I already have XP gains with (or have finished leveling). Give me 50-70% XP back on the new gun, or something. That's all I'm asking. It's just too much to be told that my existing work needs redoing.

The armor? Whatever. I'm fine being level 30 forever. I don't die much so the Heavy ammo boots are my favorite piece of armor, despite all the complaining around here about the bug. I'm fine with new DLC guns being more powerful and all Icebreakers maxing at 300... but they don't, and that's my problem. It's not that newbies get a leg up, it's about me and my time and my return. When you grow up, the idea of 'return on investment' becomes a pretty fucking big deal for both money and time.

I played for the first time in a while yesterday, mostly Iron Banner, and I got a new Gjallahorn from a match, and for the first time I really didn't care. It will probably sit unleveled in my inventory, and I can't bring myself to login and play some more to get the new IB boots and gloves because what's the point? When will all that shit be rendered irrelevant? Next Iron Banner? Next DLC? At what point will the level cap be raised so much that having no DLC makes it literally impossible to play Nightfall? Where is this game headed?

This is the first time in all my gaming years that I have ever had to worry about current and future patches like this and I'm not exactly enjoying it.

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