Hitting Tips/Advice

No hitting tips but I have a few pitching tips.

Throw things like 2 seam fb, cutter, sinker, pretty much any fastball with a break, low in the strike zone when there's a runner on first. Those are more likely to induce ground balls for easy double plays.

If you've been throwing a lot of balls low in the strike zone, throw them a 4 seam fb high and watch them swing and miss.

Split counts are a good time for changeups. 1-1, 2-2. Especially if you've been throwing fastballs.

Try to balance what pitches you throw as to not ignore your pitch confidence meter.

If your opponent swings and misses at a pitch outside of the zone, on the next pitch go even further out of the zone and see if they will chase again. He missed a Low curveball on the first pitch? Throw another one in the dirt on the next one. High fastball? Climb the ladder and throw the next one even higher.

When playing online make note of your opponent's tendencies. If they like to be patient, throw more strikes, if they swing at every pitch, don't give them one they can hit. They will either have to adjust or be pwned.

If you as the pitcher have an advantage (0-1, 1-2, 2-2) you can be a little more selective with your pitch location. Go for the corners because if it misses you still have another chance or two.

When the batter has the advantage (1-0, 2-0, 2-1) you should probably throw a strike.

When it's at an extreme advantage (0-2) throw a ball. Extreme disadvantage (3-0, 3-1) you should definitely throw a strike unless you would rather just walk him.

Speaking of walking, when there's one out and the opponent has a strong hitter at the plate and nobody is on base, don't be afraid to walk him on purpose to get to the next guy. Especially if the strong hitter is slow. Big Papi is a good example. If he's up to bat with one out and nobody on, walk him. He's way too slow to be a stealing threat and the guy after him is probably not as good a hitter. So keep it low to the next guy and get the Double play to end the inning.

Don't forget to use your bullpen! I see so many people online lose games because their starter gets tired and gives up the big inning.

Here's a good rule to follow.

In the 5th or 6th inning look at your pitcher's stamina. If it's kind of low or they have thrown a lot of pitches already think about maybe getting one of your relievers warmed up. Then use your best judgement when to put him in. I usually try to wait till my pitcher comes up to bat so I can pinch hit for him, but do what you gotta do.

Then usually in the 8th inning I will sub in my SU then in the 9th put in my closer if we're winning. If the game is tied and looks like it might be going into extra innings I will put in my lrp be ause I might need him to go several innings. Then put in your closer the last inning if you have the lead.

Don't forget to warm up your relievers beforehand. I usually do this in the previous inning. Either when you're pitching or batting. It's usually ok either time. That's all for now. Leave a comment with any other tip s you've picked up over the years.

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