The problem isn’t that we allowed women or other groups to vote. The problem is how big America is and how the state system works. When America was founded they tried to address mob mentality by using three branches of government with “equal” power combined with the electoral college. At that point it made sense for that system because the majority of the population was evenly distributed in a relatively small region allowing political discisions to be a balance of informed opinions from wealthy / academic elites and consensus from the population. Once America expanded however a lot the population and thus colleges ended up staying near the coasts while a smaller portion of people ended up being farmers or factory workers living in much smaller communities. Because the largest colleges stay in high density areas near the coast and not small mining/farming towns with tight knit communities, less people in those areas are going to advocate (and likely completely ignore) ideas that address social issues because it literally doesn’t apply to them and are more likely to support policies that help their local businesses/corporations or farms. Because of this, academic elites from high population areas have to agree on a number of highly complex issues in order to have a chance at being elected over a candidate representing the middle states.

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