Hockey vs Soccer

Of course people love soccer, because it's so culturally ingrained, most people play it as kids, you can play it anywhere without much shit you need, rules are simple and it's a team vs a team which will obviously also make it more exciting.

Then there's money which gets pumped into that whole thing and it becomes a spectacle that is blown way out of proportion.

Those two bascially feed each other reciprocally. People play it because everybody does, money get's pumped into the shit show because everybody loves it which attracts even more people because it's such a great spectacle.

It has all become a shit show feeding the shit show.

Not questioning the game soccer as such. Grew up with it as well and it's fun to play. But I genuinely dislike the entire fan culture, the nationalism, the overblown events, the fact that it's everywhere and you HAVE to love it, the consumerism, the ridiculous theater by the way overpaid players on the field.

Sorry for this fart of a comment.

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