The holiday I hate the most is tomorrow

That completely sucks! My partner is very similar in the gift-giving sense. My birthday is shortly after Christmas and he tries to combine it to one present that he either buys the day before Christmas or during boxing week (or one year he got me nothing, asked what I wanted, then split the cost of my next tattoo in late January). I gave birth last year on Father's Day and had also bought him his first tool kit as a gift. He told me I wasn't a mom yet so he wasn't getting me anything. This year he told me I could spend the day however I wanted, that was the gift. Maybe for these days treat yourself to a gift. Let him know he will be looking after the kids all day and go do something you want to do. Take a fun class, go to the spa, have drinks with friends, etc. Eventually he may start doing things for you/buying something for you on the day because he wants you to stay home or the very least you have a good "you" day.

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