Holidays are the worst for people with depression.

I am right there with you. It’s extremely difficult this time of year. Some of us are surrounded by people yet feel alone. Others like us are just simply alone. What makes it even harder is when you constantly reach out but there’s nothing to grab. When you know you’re sending signals that there’s something serious wrong but they go ignored. It’s nobody’s fault. We’re all the same. We’re so wrapped up with our own issues we don’t care about anyone else’s. We only care about how it affects us after they’re gone. We don’t do anything to help while they’re here. We’re so about ourselves that all we can say is think about the people you leave behind but when we really think about that statement we’re just pushing someone further towards the edge. It’s telling someone we care more about our own feelings and the ones you’ll stir up with your ‘selfish’ actions than we do about the feelings inside you that are causing so much pain and torment that you’re considering something drastic. It’s human nature to think about ourselves first I guess. We all do but in the meantime if you know someone is suffering, help. If you know someone is truly in a dark place, reach out. If you know someone is begging for help, try. If we choose to do nothing while they’re here we have no right to speak our feelings when they’re gone. Something is very wrong with us. Why don’t we care while they’re here? Why do we only think about what we should have done when it’s too late? Please. If you can, help someone in need

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