Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction

Those who support the child rape and satanic sacrifice and ritual abuse are being closed out of the realm. They have no personal power and are parasitic by nature.

They lack imagination and are mentally deficient. They use tactics of child rape, ritual sacrifice, satanic abuse and satanic gas lighting.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQLXSGmo80Y You can see here, the 5D reality bridge is for the humans who can think for themselves through free-will and not become ensnared in the vampiric thought process of the 'best', machine and animal DNA mixed through the early genetic experiments that sought to infiltrate the human civilization.

As well, the imagination is the realm through which all extra-dimensional information filters into this reality. This is literally a lower dimension 4d negative "hell realm" entity using the human as a host.

This is not considered murder because the humans that are used as hosts are not considered sentient life in the first place, that is why they are hosts.

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