Holy shit, it finally clicked for the kiddo

If you want to show your kid what is acceptable treatment & what is not, then you are doing so by staying in this relationship. You are telling her this is ok, normal & acceptable. If it were not, then you would not be there. Of course there should be an chance & ultimatum for him to recognize his issues, get help & change. If he does not then it is up to you how you allow yourself & your child to be treated. Show your child what a strong, independent woman does when she is being disrespected or abused.

He seems like an angry, selfish man-child throwing his toys around in a temper tantrum to get attention. Tell him to go stand in a corner or have a timeout & think about his behavior, because he is a big boy & it is not nice to throw our toys when people are sleeping, or ever. If he continues his tantrums, then take away his phone, toys, or give him a spanking.

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