Holy shit this shirt had me cracking up..

I'm going in for Naloxone training on the 10th, then after the training is done they'll be giving me at least a free few doses of the stuff. :) After that she said I can sign up for getting on Subozone. TBH with you guys, this is the same place that gives me all my clean works, literally everything from needles to alc swabs to cookers and ties.

This one lady...one of the main workers there and the first one to help me the first time I went in has gotten in the habit of just giving me a 100 syringe box of 1ml needles, it's fucking sweett. Anyway,...I may take a break with the subs, but most of all I just want them for when I have to take a break and I don't have a choice, i.e. lack of cash.

It's all paid for by the government except the subs, and since my taxes aren't up to date I will actually have to pay the FULL PRICE so it's not like I'm doing anything wrong. Sometimes I have wanted to take a break for 1-6 months and when I'm not sick anymore I feel better physically but once I get rerally bored or depressed and I have all this extra cash lying around I start using again.

So either way I do need subs, it's just that my use and reason for needing them is far more dynamic than someone who just wants to quit.

I know this is strange to some people but I really like using, I mean if this was beer could celebrate it with t-shirts , trying micro-brews, talking about different kinds of beer on forums and with IRL friends, making my own...

But because I like shooting heroin there are only a few people that know and most of them don't considering it normal or ok/safe. It's not perfectly safe, nothing in life is...but to hear an overweight , chain smoking friend tell me how weird it is to shoot up sounds a little weird to me.

At least he let me hang out yesterday and cook up my shots and enjoy burgers and a movie with him. We've gotten to this point where he will rib me a bit and I will tell him to do some reading or get some perspective - I'm not that different from an alcohol user etc.... I am at a good place with my using, I don't use to excess and I am always trying to be safe and moderate. case in point I am only using at night now, never for days in a row all day long, I just can't afford that... and atm I am trying to stick with one point per night, ideally I'd like to do half a point in one shot per night but atm I feel like 1 point divided among 2 shots is just right.

Anyway, just felt like sharing that, hope no one minds. just sorta poked a soft spot and all that came out. lololol

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