Home Base and Daily Discussion Thread (START HERE!) - November 08, 2019

This may be a slightly negative perspective, but I've noted a real uptick in frustration with Pete from some prominent black voices (yes, it is on Twitter, but they do have reach, and these people aren't virulently anti-Pete) for both the fallout from that leaked focus group memo AND Pete comparing himself to Obama. There's not much that can be done about the memo and there have now been a few good pieces on the subject (although I do wish the campaign spoke out even more forcefully here, to clarify that they are not attributing it to that either), but I'm starting to think the Obama thing is unwise. I get what he's saying, esp. in trying to appeal to Iowans role in picking the President, but the circumstances surrounding Obama were unique and when you have people like Kamala in the race I think it can rub some folks the wrong way. Plus, as with the "the race is just becoming between me and Warren" quote from a few days ago, it can sound a bit presumptuous IMO. Just my Friday morning $0.02.

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