Homeless developer spotted on a parking in Mountain View - how is that even possible with such experience and education?

You look at a Latino and a South Asian side by side, which would the general population think knows CS or just tech in general? The guy from India or wherever would be picked most of the time. Latinos are stereotyped to construction, farming, etc. It's sad but true. Both may be brown but south asians are respected more just because of the stereotype that they are supposedly so smart and tech savvy. I hope to see more Latinos in tech in the future so we can turn this around a bit.

I admit though that I'm a little biased to this thought because I am Latino, and I'm treated like a second class citizen at my work despite doing a great job and leading my Dept and managing my small team effectively. But there's quite a bit of latino/hispanic people who feel like this. But at least we work our asses off despite the treatment most of us get... despite the BS I'm currently dealing with at work.

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