The homeless of Houston got a special notice Monday morning.

That's not necessarily true. It actually takes a lot of work to end up homeless. You have to have gotten to the point where not only do you not have a job or money, but you have no one who will help you. Many of these people have burned friends and family so many times that when they tell them "If I don't get some help I'm going to end up on the streets" the family members reply "well, that's too bad". Their mother or father won't answer their calls or let them in their house anymore. Probably because they're tired of them drinking or doing drugs in the house, or tired of them tearing up the house, or tired of them stealing from them. A lot of these people don't have a single friend or family member who will help them out anymore and haven't for years because of their own bad behavior. Most of them on the street have also burned every bridge at all the social services that are available. Star of Hope, Salvation Army, SEARCH, And others. They get kicked out for the same reasons their family kicked them out. Fighting, drinking, stealing, or just generally not following simple rules that are in place to keep people acting civil towards each other. Not all of the ones living in a tent are like this, but a whole lot of them are

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