Homeless man walks up to me and my wife and yells, "You'll think of me when you cum!" It's been three weeks and we can't reach orgasm without laughing, or being pissed ... So what Jedi mind fucks have been pulled on you?

When I was in my early 20's I was on a sales course for a retail company based in the UK, Our course was done at the Hilton hotel in London Kensington. Me and this girl from another store got on like a house on fire and we always paired up during the exercises.

When the course was done a group of about 5 of us went to the pub down the road to celebrate us all passing before we all went home.

One by one people left until it was myself and this Girl left just chatting all on our own.

Suddenly this black gentleman came over and with the poshest most noble accent I have ever heard said "I have been watching you two all night and you are perfect for each other, You are both taken by someone else and that saddens me as you two have everything you need sitting right here, Do something about it and be happy for god sake"

He promptly fucked off and I for the first time in my life hadn't a clue what to say. He was right of course we were both in respective relationships, both horrible ones at that. We kissed outside the pub and purposely missed two trains to spend more time together before having to leave. Thus starting the only time I have ever cheated on someone.

This story however doesn't have a happy ending as my then girlfriend was a cheating manipulative woman and she had this hold on me and I ended up breaking it off with who I considered the most perfect woman in the world. I broke her heart out of fear of what my actual girlfriend would do.

The point is however is that not during any point of our chats did we discuss feelings or attraction towards each other, it was like when this guy spoke it just switched the lights on in both our heads, I often think of that fella and as much as I fucked it all up he and his Jedi magic gave me the best year of my life.

sorry that was overly long.

TLDR Mace Windu performed jedi mind trick and found me love....which inevitably led to the darkside.

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