A homeless person is very happy upon receiving a jacket

I'm with you on this one. And before anyone else splurts out "BuT iT rAiSeS aWaReNeSs!11!!!" or some other blather about how this is innately a positive interaction, allow me to intercept.

My qualms with the video aren't that someone helped out a fellow human being. My issue is with the intent. If someone goes out of their way to stage cameras in order to capture someone's reaction to an act of kindness, it isn't an act of kindness. It's exploitation to be used to garnish something. Whether that be views, exposure, clicks...if someone else is benefiting from this footage, it stops being charity.

That dude's life isn't a wilderness documentary. If someone is so elated at receiving a jacket, they need much more assistance than a jacket can give them. Yet people will sit by comfortably and gush over how this is a positive interaction, all the meanwhile completely disregarding that individual as a person and instead regale him as another outlet to make themselves feel better and completely disregarding the situations that led to that man's predicament.

It's dehumanizing and immoral. Every single time a charity-for-clicks video like this pops up, the arguments are ALWAYS the same and the justifications people try to come up with to somehow make it seem like an okay thing to do are always shallow. Don't feel weird about disliking blatant exploitation in action like this. Exploitation is exploitation. Trying to pretend it isn't is just the same as closing the blinds to the disasters happening outside the window.

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