The homeless problem is getting out of control on the west coast. This is my town of about 30k people, and is only one of about 5+ camps in the area. Hoovervilles are coming back to America!

So there’s this thing in economics called the Gini coefficient. It’s a measurement of wealth inequality. In an completely equal society it’s 0. In a society where one person theoretically controlled all the wealth it would be 1. One would think the United States would be somewhere in the middle. Surely there are several third world countries and dictatorships that have wealth inequality much higher than America.

As it turns out, that’s not the case. The United States has a Gini index of .48. That’s higher than most of Central and South America and many countries in Africa and Asia. We have one of the highest wealth inequalities in the world. Why is this a problem? The Gini index is also a major predictor for revolution. Societies reach a point where inequality is so high that people start to revolt.

In short, the ultra wealthy in the United States should be concerned about this. There’s a revolution coming.

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