Homeless vagrant spat gatorade in my face...

Thanks for sharing this. I’m sorry you had to experience something so awful.

IMO, your reaction is anything but emasculating. You handled a terrible situation with grace and maintained your composure. The absolute last thing that you would have wanted from this was to have some passerby, unaware that this piece of crap just disrespected you like that, record this person getting the crap kicked out of him by you, who id imagine would have had the appearance of a well built guy in gym attire. Look at the attention permit party received from a 10 second video clip. Certainly not to compare the two, but I’m cautious of the age we live in. I can’t see that scenario playing out very well either.

Also, who knows what could have been in this lunatics pocket. Needles, a knife, etc ...

I think you handled this well. That bystander was right and could have saved you from much more trouble, if the police had to come out and detain you for getting into a physical w/ this person.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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