Homeless woman attacked Mob

Both sides??? Sorry but how dare you try to shift blame, quit avoiding the obvious pattern for this type of behavior.

How about the one side that instigates this shit comes out and apologizes, how about they draw visibility to this behavior this time. The media and liberals need to make up for lost time by finally calling this behavior out, giving it coverage, and demonizing it instead of glorifying the vandalism of Trump supporter's property, avoiding coverage of violent liberals at Trump rallies, and in the case of the campaign: literally working behind the scenes to instigate violence. The campaign (with very low visibility, probably intentional) condemned the violence very weakly then is found to have been funding it behind the scenes.

This is not a case of "both sides", you can say "Trump advocates violence" but it sure is funny how nonviolent his supporters are. For all the events of instigation, of them being attacked, they've turned the other cheek time and time again while liberals have sought out trouble and never been given justice in return. They go to these Trump rallies, vandalize cars, destroy property, harass people, threaten them, and attack them and rarely get arrested. Two people get violent at Trump rallies and there's nonstop coverage in the news for almost a year.

People talk about Trump's "violent and dangerous" rhetoric, nobody has been more roundly and incessantly demonized than Trump and his supporters. This is the fault of civilians for being so simple-minded and so easily brainwashed that they think someone with a difference of opinion is a nazi or fascists undeserving of any humane treatment.

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