[Homemade] Chocolate Babka with Cream Cheese Dough

Recipe: All of these weights are estimates as I did it all by sight/feel. So for this one I made a poolish using about 300g h20, 200g AP flour and about an 1/8th tsp yeast (hard to weigh in g). I let that sit for about 8 hours and then added that to around 500g water, 100g whipped cream cheese, 2 eggs, 50g or so sugar, 20g or so salt, a little vanilla (maybe a tsp or 2) and then added flour until it was a nice, rollable dough. Maybe 6 or 700g, maybe more. It just has to be rollable. I then rolled it out, lathered on some chocolate ganache, rolled it up into a tube, cut the tube in half, turned the two halfs inside out and then sloppily braided them together. I then squished em and put them in a loaf pan for 2 hours before baking for around 35 mins or so at around 440f. Brushed afterwards with simple syrup. Holler with any questions!

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