Homie got so upset he posted this over at r/SargonOfWeirdButtHairSelfies so I’m gonna post his screenshot here

Pretty much all of that is wrong. Transitioning does NOT improve life expectancy or prevent suicide attempts. Being in a more accepting environment does improve those statistics however when you force people to accept an idea as insane as that a woman and a man are interchangeable and the only differences between the 2 are 1 hormone level and the organ between your legs... It's not really a surprise that society is not accepting of it. Also this has nothing to do with their entire lives. For teens who suggest that they may be of the other sex and do not act on the impulse something like 90% end up identifying as their biological sex post puberty. For adults say Bruce Jenner for example the guy lived as a guy for decades, questioning his current life choices is not questioning his entire life. Feeding into these people's psychosis is not helpful, it's enabling a dilusion.

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