Honest opinion - any of y'all left India in search of better opportunities in the UK / US / Canada / Australia and are now regretting your decision? What's your story?

In general, there are lots of misconceptions about child services. Truth is there are lots and lots of shitty parents, and there is never a qualifying test to be parents. Read - physical, and sexual abusers. I know a friend of my daughter who was able to get help from child services when their dad threatened her mom for her mistakes. Child services are not there to snatch a child from parents and place them in a foster home at the drop of a hat. They help thousands of kids who are stuck in shitty situations. Also, its not just child services, teachers, doctors, nurses - all ask probing questions when a kid reports injury. If a kid tells the doc my dad pushed me in anger, there will be an interview to get the facts right. Its a framework that puts the wellbeing of a child in the center. Lets not demonize the entire framework.

I really feel bad for people like your friend. So, he took his son to India to have a free hand at him? How does this ensure he is not spoilt, and how long can he go on beating his son.

Child services should not be the reason a parent chooses not to physically or verbally abuse their child.

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