Honest opinion: If you paid 200$ for an unreleased game, you are stupid and deserve to ripped off

People pre-order because they want to pre-order, correct? No one has a gun held to their heads. If you're not comfortable paying full price for a game, great. Doesn't mean someone else won't get more enjoyment out of it than you. It's a matter of opinion, that's all. If you don't wanna pay full price, then use your own judgment and don't.

What's destroying the industry (if that can even be said) are people who instead of just not buying a game they don't like or aren't interested in, feel the need to go and try to force people to follow their thoughts instead of actually buying something they want. What you consider a good full priced game, might not be what someone else considers good, ya know? People bash fallout, others enjoy. People enjoy red dead, others can't finish it. It's a matter of opinion. You do you. Easy as that.

Apologies if anything sounds snarky, it's not my intention, just hard to find a good he best way to word things over text without causing an unintentional uproar lol.

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