Honest Opinions on Halo 5

Like: Thruster Pack and Sprint are both ok in this game and not rage inducing shit like Reach and 4 *Clamber is nice *I don't even really notice ADS anymore *ADS for all weapons is a great way to ensure a more balanced playing field *Pistol is useful again but could need a liiiiittle bit of love more *Ranking system LOOKS good (why doesn't it work yet? I'm Gold 3 and I get matched with at least 3-4 people who didn't play a single game yet every match I play, really frustrating because I still lose all the time despite carrying more than my own weight) *The game plays good and is fun, probably the most important point *Dislike:** * FLINCH HOLY F*KING SHIT WHAT Truth makes it really heard to see the blue team, is way too big and Prophet's Bane is OP (imho) *Empire in combination with clamber and sprint and thruster packs doesn't play well. Too much obstruction *Snipe feels to easy to use, I'm not the best sniper but I pulled of snapshots and quickscopes that I never thought would hit *TTK is too low *Did I already mention flinch? *AR and SMG, while it is good that they are now viable weapon choices, are too good when close up. SMG range also seems pretty far when scoped in *We need options to 1. turn off vibrations and 2. *TURN OFF GROUNDPOUND** I crouch midair when I'm fighting or jumping somewhere and all the damn time my spartan stops dumbstruck and begins to power up groundpound because that's what I wanted to do lowshield to evade that headshot. Or atleast give us some options like we got for all the other things. Something like press crouch midair and sprint to beging charging. Idk. *Too much bullet magnetism

These are just the things that I could think of quickly and all 100% my opinion (except Flinch, that is a fact and I am happy they already addressed removing it post beta). Game is pretty fun, I can see myself playing the shit out of it when it realeased, let's just hope they realize they have to work closely with the community after the desaster that was the MCC launch.

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