I honestly don't know how any moron can support Trump anymore after this pandemic.

No, I get them from school where smart people go and get educated.

You look like a complete fool writing any of this. You assume that because I backed what the president did here contrary to what the OP said, that I am a supporter of him and his party. The retarded stigma of uneducated leftist continues.

I never stated that I supported the president's actions. They were poorly worded and false. However, what is the alternative? What would you do? Would you tell everyone to panic? I'd rather have a president lie and look dumb to prevent panic and behavior we are now starting to see than act without reason or thought--something you seem to be incapable of understanding. The man relies on his staff to make decisions and OP here is treating the president as if trump held the door open for the virus himself.

I find it hysterical to think that both you and the OP really think he is responsible for preventing this outbreak. Even if somehow we had all the information, tools and tactics needed to prevent the spread of this outbreak, by the time it became an issue, the virus was already here and the government was forced to react--and it did, once all the facts were gathered.

You can't just enact protocols we are going through now without having conclusive evidence that it is needed. Markets will crash, unemployment will spike and a whole slew of other issues will happen and if this was done under a wim without gathering all the facts and was wrong? You'd be the first to bitch about that oo.

Not a single government has been able to preemptively act and sustain their economy and social well-being because of this virus and to blame it on one person is fucking stupid. You are fucking stupid. Especially if you think I support him and his party because of this. In fact, even though I sit in the middle, I lean more liberal at times but that dwindles away each year because of stupid fucking people like you. Leftist, lost retarded liberals that impose on others based off emotion and feelings.

Do yourself a favor, get off the internet. You are a weak, pathetic individual.

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