Honestly, I'm feeling lost, hopeless, and confused

Why do you think you're ugly? I think this is the reason you haven't done well, as it can impact the way you present yourself in a big way. You might not look like people on TV or even like people around you who you consider good looking, but that doesn't mean you're ugly. You should definitely work on improving this, do something new with your hair, beard, change up your wardrobe, anything.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, try not to think "I'm so ugly" but instead pick out a feature you like. If you really hate all your features, then tell yourself you're attractive anyway and undo the habit of talking down to yourself. I guarantee there are people who find you attractive, and I'm sure things will improve once you stop thinking of yourself as ugly. It SHOWS when people don't like their appearance. Maybe it's the way they walk, or the way they move, maybe the way they dress themselves, etc, it just shows.

You already love the rest of yourself, so why not work on loving your appearance too? It'll help you in your dating life, but it'll also help you feel better overall, which is definitely more important.

I hope anything I said has helped a little. You deserve to love all of yourself, good luck OP! You seem like a wonderful person.

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