Honestly, League of Legends the game doesn't make me frustrated. The players do.

As I agree and the nr.1 issue with League is the players, I might consider the fact we turned to this a Riot's failure, people are not like this everywhere else, in CSGO we can flame yes sure there are some toxicity there but people are not saying they will slit others throats, like WTF.

To me, this game always made us worse people, you get rewarded for making someone so mad that he types out shit to you when you could be the only reason why he's mad in the first place, you could destroy his minion wave, steal his camp, hell, even refuse him a recall or block him with one of your spells if your kit has that. AND YOU WONT GET PUNISHED, YOU JUST WONT. And if he calls you something ugly, he will, thats the issue.

My behaviour has also changed throughout the years, in some ways I would not like them to, one of these ways are the fact that Im literally not playing a game that has more than 10 kill advantage for the enemy team before min 15.

Were some of these winnable? Probably, but why would I bother trying this out with people that could not handle going even in the game without any disadvantages, how are they suddenly supposed to comeback from that when they lost it on even grounds in the first place? Now lets combine this with the fact that I can do 2 things right now.

  1. Not play, not get mad, do something else, start next, hopefully a better next
  2. Finish the game, try my best, struggle for 35 minutes to lose in the end and be fucking tilted to oblivion, and risk getting banned cause I typed out too much.

Id say there's an obvious reason why I turned into the first one, and that reason is not my fault.

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