I honestly think MGS Ground Zeroes is one of the best games ever made...

You're losing me here. Because what you're describing isn't repetition, it's consistent game design. The objectives chosen were used because they afforded the necessary balance of open endedness and structure. That's like saying Hitman is bad because all you do is kill targets in exotic locales. The objectives may be the same, but the outposts, the the circumstances and the opportunities within each mission vary.

Killing guy giving tour to other guy isn't the same experience as taking out guy riding in convoy with tanks. Rescuing scientist man hidden in a bunker with multiple approach paths isn't the same experience as rescuing other scientist man from a heavily guarded mansion.

What other objectives could be added which wouldn't either be a retread of the objectives V already had or else yet another linear one and done instruction following affair?

Missions arent shorter.

On average, GZ takes between half an hour to an hour to complete.

Most missions in V can be completed in ten minutes or less. And if you just fly straight into the outpost hot zone, you can do some missions without even leaving the helicopter. There are only 3 missions in the entire game that are GZ length; Hellbound, Code Talker and Skull Face.

Missions like Quiet Exit, Awakening, Shining Lights will only run about 15 to 20 minutes, unless you're rewatching all the cutscenes.

Every other mission gives you the tools to be slow and methodical or else done in a matte of minutes.

And even if they were, the frequency in which you do them is higher..meaning you will end up doing them longer..

A game is bad because it has more game?

V isn't Ghost Recon Wildblands. Almost every single mission provides structure with alternate scenarios and scripted events distinct to that mission while providing the freedom to tackle them however you want. Not every mission just devolves into a bogstandard third person shooter like GRW. So the argument that the game is too long loses something.

It also doesn't help that V is a mission select based game so even if there were missions you weren't fond of, you could always skip them just replay the ones you actually liked.

Also a point i forgot in my last point is that in ground zeroes i can choose to ignore the side stuff and go straight for chico and paz while in phantom pain i need to do a slew of missions i'm not interested in to get to actual lore missions.

I think there a reason you forgot to mention this in your last post. It's because you literally only get the GZ mission then unlock the side shit after you beat the one and only mission. And that those side missions only exist to justify a $40 price tag.

Besides, a mission lacking cutscenes isn't the same as a mission lacking story. Most missions still connect to the plot, some more so than others but still. And even the ones that don't still tie into the underplot of rebuilding motherbase.

In older MGS games i could atleast go from point A to B and follow a compelling narrative.

Yeah, the thing is, story is

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