Honestly, the sub doesn't need a better mod, it needs better users.

I'm with you except for the citibikes. Sorry, if you have problems with local mobility over cars, this probably isn't the place for you.

Talk about hoboken in the past all you want, but this city has too many cars already, it's possibly the worst town in the country to drive through. On top of that, local mobility helps the entire economy since people can travel and therefore patronize businesses outside of their immediate locale.

Just saying, get the fuck out of here with "THE POOR PPL TRYING TO PARK" bullshit. You had a million valid beefs you could have picked with this subreddit, and that's what you chose?

Yeah, sorry, fuck your car. You live in one of the closest areas to the biggest city in the country. Sorry US car culture didn't cross over enough to dictate that you deserve a potential parking spot over the mobility of like 50x more people.

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