Hong Kany East (HKE) removes Pipes from DC

Deleted Hantasi's album because he publicly insulted me - don't see why I should support an artist who sees fit to mock me or make disparaging comments about me. Same reason I got rid of Windows 98 and Oscob's albums.

I didn't hesitate with Hantasi because I hesitated with the other two for months and it wasted my time - I've got no patience anymore for these immature morons anymore. And my instincts were correct - you only have to look at Hantasi's Twitter this morning to see how much of a dweeb the guy is


It's my record label and I can do what I like with it. If I not longer wish to host an album on there, I'll remove it. I mean - you even said you don't want to pay for the albums in your own posts, so I'm sure you can find it online for free if you want to listen to it.

As for what I owe to vaporwave -- I don't owe vaporwave anything. I spent two years of my life focusing mainly on helping elevate others, sometimes even going right out of my way to do so, and only to be spat at by many of these people down the line. When I first came into the vaporwave scene, the whole movement was all but dead and quite frankly, Dream Catalogue was mainly what helped bring it attention again.

As for the rest of your post, it's a lot of putting words into my mouth, much like everyone else does. I could go through point by point and explain why you're wrong, but I know I'd just be wasting my time. This is exactly why I don't post here - everyone takes everything I say out of context constantly to fit their agenda and thus the witch hunt grows and grows. Same thing happened with Wolf, same thing happened with Shima, just two more people who hate this scene. Vaporwave should be renamed Gossipwave

And if you think I'm the only person who hates what this scene is today, then you're sadly mistaken. I won't name names, but think of pretty much every top artist who came from this scene over the past few years and you'll know who I mean. I think some are just too afraid to say anything because they're worried it will hurt their popularity, but I'm not going to kowtow to a bunch of people who constantly tell me what to do when they really have no basis to judge my character except my Twitter posts.

I'm not playing any kind of character as you insinuate, and this isn't some hardvapour thing. I've released one hardvapour album on Dream Catalogue and I'm releasing another next week - so if people find that so offensive then they really need to drink a pint and fuck off. It's quite pathetic.

Felt compelled to reply because at least you put some effort into your post.

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