Hong Kong enters recession as protests show no sign of relenting

Last week two blocks from my apartment two rich Chinese teenagers hit an old man in the head with a completely white (even the taillights?) Rolls Royce because they thought he was from Hong Kong. He was Chinese. They posted bail and while I'm not sure myself I heard they went back to China.

Every fucking Friday and Saturday rich Chinese kids walk through the streets hammered to shit trying to start fights with people, flexing their money. They always try to make it about how great China is and how much America sucks. If it sucks here, why are they here?

It's gotten so much worse lately. On the Chinese anniversary thing (idk?) a few weeks ago there were parades of about 200 people every few days waving Chinese flags yelling "CHINA FOREVER" in the Hongkongese blocks, circling those same blocks for hours. Pretty sure these rich Chinese kids can't even speak Chinese.

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