Hong Kong: Made Suicide (2019) - KBS documentary about HK frontline protestors, 15-yo girl naked & dead in the sea, police deliberate inaction during mob attack, and rape and sexual violence by police, with English subtitles [46:50]

Oh i absolutely think they should. there's a difference between having an opinion and lording over people though and while a swath of China supporters aren't wumao those who are, are both obvious and usually assholes. Completely useless to talk or have discourse with because to them it's not an opinion, it's fact that China can't do anything wrong. When those posts are then manipulated to be visible via upvote, thumb's up, retweets, rebroadcast, push etc it kills normal discourse even more because it's all you see.

Basically: If you think it's healthy to have a Chinese language comment on that video saying "good I hope they all get raped" then maybe question your own world view and narratives but if you just want to be able to have a seperate opinion? That's cool, I'll disagree but I wouldn't want censorship.

The problem here is you're associating the actual people paid to essentially troll the internet vs actual Chinese people with a real opinion, not just today's party accepted comments'.

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