Hong Kong protesters march again, aiming to take their message to mainland Chinese

China should thankfully see their influence lessen sooner rather than later.

The source of much of Chinas power comes from the cheap labor they're capable of supplying. The cost of that labor has been steadily rising and it's already at a point where it's cheaper to turn toward other Asian countries. Companies are finding it more and more prudent to sink the extra cost of transitioning production elsewhere.

China is also on the verge of a complete housing collapse that will be more severe than the 2009 collapse in the US, though kt shouldnt have the same global impact as the 2009 one did. Chinas housing market isnt my specialty, but I do know they are propping it up through unsustainable means that will only exacerbate the issue once the time comes.

Heres a good video that shows why a massive housing collapse is already starting in China: https://youtu.be/bKHyqO72oAo

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