The Hong Kong protests are becoming more violent because justice is not being served

Why don't you join the military and go see for yourself before making these kinds of claims.

Our soldiers over there are working WITH the civilian population, training their armies to better defend themselves so that we don't have to be there, and taking our the criminal organisations who had grown more powerful than the local governments could handle.

It would be like if the the Mexican cartels grew so powerful that the mexican military became all but lost. The cartels would go town to town, capturing and raping all the women, killing the men in the thousands, and capturing their children for soldiers to feed their army.

If these cartels became powerful enough that they started to destabalize the entire region, and started spreading into the countries around them, carrying out attacks on anyone who goes against their belief, and even targetting the US and setting off bombs or crashing planes into Houston, you can bet your ass The western alliance would invade Mexico to liberate the people, disband the cartels, and train the mexican military to defend their own people.

The problem is that these criminals blend into the local population. You don't know who's one of them until they attack, and often mistakes happen and innocent people get hurt.

When this happens, who's really at fault? The soldiers who have to risk their lives to save these people, or the criminals who caused them to be there in the first place?

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