Hong Kong protests: Video shows paramilitary forces assembling in Shenzhen

Edit: since some are getting pedantic and stating rioting vs protesting are big diction points which i understand are, but in this case whether you call it a riot or protest the fact that it has lasted 10 weeks without slowing down and has now halted airport terminals etc, thats where the real line is drawn.

I find it hilariously naive that you're talking about the protesters crossing some line, lol, like you have some justice boner and think that China should just go in and kill them and stop them from having freedom and democracy. Like it's not their fucking right to stand up and fight for it, like they've crossed the line in regards to protesting.

Also - the difference between riots and protests isn't fucking pedantics because the Chinese government and governments around the world and throughout history have destabilized otherwise completely peaceful protests by claiming that they weren't and doing things to subvert by introducing fake angry protesters thus giving their police the excuse to open fire and quench the protest. If you have any common sense whatso-fucking-ever, you'd understand this, and the fact that you got gold for it is extremely depressing.

They have a right to autonomy and self rule as much as anywhere else. Fuck China and fuck the deal the Great Britain made with China. If you don't support them then you support evil and tyranny.

thats where the real line is drawn.

There is no such "line" that can be crossed here. They are fighting for their lives.

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