In Honor of Luka’s First Playoff Series Win, Here is His Official Theme Song

I came from Europe

To conquer America, for sure

I come from Europe

From country sLOVEnia, for sure

The only country with love in its name, for sure

That’s why I play with my heart

That’s why I love this game

I started playing basketball as a small wonderkid

From Olimpija Ljubljana to Real Madrid

People started calling me El Matador

But I only fight Bulls on the basketball floor

My name is Luka

You wanna play rough?

Say hello to my bazooka!

I’m tough

Whole night Fortnite

My name is Luka

Look out!

Come on dance with me

Step-back three

From oversea


He don’t give up until he done - čić

When he turn his magic on - čić

Who can stop him? No one - čić

He’s a phenomenon - čić

He don’t give up cause he The Don - čić

He don’t kill you with a gun - čić

He kill you with his no-look Luka pass

He put you on skates and on your ass

Luka, I’m done - bitch!

The King of the North is gone - čić

Come on bring it on - čić

I wanna be the one - čić

To put a ring on - čić

Did you know my grandma owns a hair salon - čić

And Mamma Mia runs my website - čić

It’s nice

Like my block on Lebron - čić, twice

Dejavu - ka

Out of the blue - ka

When I give you a cue - ka

Everybody sing Halleluka!


Did I show you my bazooka?


Full bag of swag

My name is Luka

Come on ref don't be moron - čić

Give me and one - čić

It's time for


With no trouble


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