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“Stop.” Mama Kay said. S

She didn’t raise her voice or turn her head, but Crawford released Alice immediately, causing her to flop onto her back. The air was knocked out of her, and she saw stars.

Just keep it together. Keep it together, she chanted in her mind. Fear would delight them, and if she let it take over she’d miss any slim chance of escape. She took a deep breath and tried to slow her heart. * You can do this.*

Mama Kay walked over, and gingerly touched the halo above Alice’s head. It pulsed, and crackled at her touch, and she recoiled as Alice groaned.

“It’s cracked.” Mama Kay said.

“It was broke when we found her,” Crawford said. “Once we remove her head it won’t do that no more.”

“Nuttin’ personal.” Dale whispered, crouching down. “It pops away if we kill you any other how, and then we don’t get no dust.”

Stay calm. Fuck, just stay calm.

“If someone is coming for her,” Hank began, licking his lips, “Then we should -- if it’s okay with you, of course-- do it soon. Right?” His eyes flicked to his cohorts for support, but they stood still, watching Mama Kay.

“I don’t like to poke bears,” she said. “Get her prepped, but no cutting. Least not till I know what we're dealing with.”

“Whoever it is is gonna have to get through this,” Crawford said, lifting his shirt to reveal a revolver tucked into the front of his pants.

“My cousin Jim was killed by a bear once, while camping.” Dale said proudly. “Went to sleep with sweets in his pocket.”

The group stood in awkward silence for a moment.

Mama Kay stepped forward and gingerly placed a hand on Dale’s cheek, smiling warmly at him, but with a hint of pain in her eyes.

“Dale sweetie, while don’t you bring out the garbage, and make sure those raccoons stay away.”

Dale nodded and marched from the room. Mama Kay sighed.

“That boy’s as useless as a teat on boar hog,” she said to Alice, crossing her arms. “But he’s a hard worker. Got a good soul.”

Alice stared, dumfounded. “Uh huh.”

“Anyways” Mama Kay knelt down next to Alice, running a finger across the Halo. Alice felt pins and needles run over her scalp at her touch, and the halo tremored in the new quarters it had created within her mind..

“Who’s coming for you, Alice?”

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