Hoomans don't scare me

I am just pointing out statistical inaccuracy and bias.

As far as the rest goes, you seem to be a bit naive and bigoted. Generally in economics one can predict success or failure (not by race) but by culture. Cultures that value education and hard work are much more successful, for example P.O.C. immigrate to the US from said cultures and in one generation raise themselves above the poverty line, while starting out with next to nothing. While native born people (white and black - as you put it) that adhere to cultures that devalue hard work and education never raise above the poverty line. Culture plays a much more significant factor than race. You should try to rid yourself of racist notions and biases that you have subscribed to.

As far as "Why is ANYONE on welfare" ... all societies have to have tiers to function. Lets say everyone makes $50K a year - who would want to be the garbage person or the one that scrubs toilets (you - no)? But you want your garbage removed and expect clean toilets. The cycle of poverty is much more complex than most people can imagine.

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