I hope that, in bringing back Monte Carlo and improving it, we use its bayonet as a finisher animation.

That would be an amazing Titan-specific move for the Monte Carlo and the Duty Bound. Hell, make it a fucking cutscene to intro it. Imagine a line of Titans facing down a mass of charging thrall.

Zavala: We're dry and the Thrall keep coming! Ikora: Get your men out of there, Zavala! There's nothing more you can do! Zavala: If we flee, thousands of the City's people will die. We hold! Ikora: Zavala!

Titans hold.


Titans fix bayonets.

Zavala: FORWARD!

Titans charge with a mighty shout and a cloud of flying Thrall limbs and melt through the Thrall like the Rohirrim carving through the Uruk-hai.

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