I hope Em will eventually release an actual book with his lyrics.

Just searched this on the interwebs and it seems that is what it is: a book of his lyrics and commentary/annotations.

Then I saw some images of what it looked like on the inside; the page layouts and font/type aaaand not really feeling it. It reminds me of one of the yearbooks I worked on when I was apart of the yearbook committee back in 2002/2003.

That design is fine for yearbooks, but not for lyric books. Way too many pics of Marshall and like I said as much as I adore his face, I love his words more. The focus should really be on the words and black font on white pages. A clean and minimalist look is important, no need for the clutter and distraction from the point of the book. Maybe there can be candid photos of him when he’s in the studio or in his writing mode or scans of his notebooks in the back of the book or dispersed thoughtfully in the book, but all over is just so yearbook-y and honestly it’s not even necessary...except seeing scans of his notebook would be cool bc I’ve seen that photo of one of the rooms at interscope that has some old pages of his notebook blown up as wallpaper.

This is all just a hopeful dream and highly doubt it will ever happen, or happen in the way that I am fantasizing about.

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