Hope you guys liked my first video, because I tried to make a montage! RW1 Shooting/Boost Slamming/Knifing - More info & guide in comments.

Hi fellas, TL;DR Read first paragraph if interested in giving feedback/more videos etc, text after that if you're interested in the playstyle and the how-to.

Some of you might've seen my first video which I posted a couple of days ago, and since the reactions were pretty positive I went for it and tried to make a montage. So here it is, my first montage! :) Hope you guys enjoy. Please do not hesitate to leave feedback or to give suggestions as I'm trying to see if there's any interest in different sorts of playstyles and whether or not these videos are entertaining. If all goes well I'd find it very fun to start up an active channel and dedicate more time to it.

Further relevant information about the video:

  • Pretty much all games are TDM; if they're not, it's FFA.
  • Clips are from about 6-7 games divided over the last 2 days (and a couple of clips of the gameplay I posted 2 days ago)
  • Music: http://www.youtube.com/user/D1ofAquavibe, The Sound Providers, and last but certainly not the least: Waipod Phetsuphan (Ding Ding Dong)

I just found out a couple of days ago that this game (somehow) uses SBMM, so I thought It'd be relevant to provide some extra info:

  • Playtime: 2 days 5 hours (53 hours)
  • SPM: 300
  • KDA: 1.35
  • TDM ladder rank atm: ~2200

If someone could inform me if this is actually even good these days or if I am utter shit, please do so. Cause I have no idea what's good and what's not when it comes to stats - they never really interested me.. KDA went down a lot since I've been trying out some odd styles, but that's part of the deal.

I call the playstyle "RW1 Gravity Thump". It's based around fast-paced gameplay with a lot of melee action, while still being effective at long range. (I fucking love boost slamming)

Small guide

If you'd like to try it out some time, I have a short guide for you here:

Build: http://i.imgur.com/FBd6l6v.jpg[1]
NOTE: I just prestiged so I'm missing some stuff I normally have, though this build is fine as is. Base build is as seen in screenshot because I don't have it all, variations below. My "Optimal build" - Remove Perk 3 Greed, add Tactical Knife on RW1 (Extra secondary weapon attachment Wildcard) - Remove Cold Blooded, Add Gung-Ho. - Remove Lightweight, add Low Profile or Overcharge (whichever is missing) - I should've had Low profile in the image, but /u/polysealitsyou convinced me to try otherwise.

Other viable "builds":

  • Remove Overcharge, add in Low Profile UAV's are damned strong in this game, only use Overcharge if you're confident in your gameplay, game sense and positioning. Overcharge really helps if you're experienced though because I try to Gravity Thump those bitches whenever possible.
  • Cold Blooded is good too, but I prefer Gung-Ho because of the added mobility.

RW1 attachments are all up to you guys; some prefer the scope, I for one don't. Attachments and perks may vary depending on the type of RW1 you're using.

Thanks for your interest, hope it was worth it for the both of us :)

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