I hope this whole trend of, “having mental illnesses makes you cool and edgy,” goes away very soon.

I believe that to tell the difference between “Fake” and “Real” mental illness, is to look at the person’s personality traits. People who use mental illness as a mean to attract attention are always attaching anxiety/depression to short lived moments like a test or a presentation. And like to seem “Edgy” whether that’s the way they dress, or act. It’s the ones that are quiet and well reserved that are the ones truly suffering. They may act happy. The reason for that is because they know what real pain feels like, and they don’t want other people going through that. They may be loud and obnoxious but, it’s just a way for them to cope with what they’re going through. By the way. This is just my opinion so, don’t take anything I said as 100% true. Every human is different.

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