Horrible experience at passport seva kendra bangalore

Alright, here's the thing. When a guy tells you to shut up, tell him that your mother is socially anxious and you are there to help hear, If he still tells you to shut up, ask his name, he will get angry, he will spew nonsense, just stay firm and ask his name, If he ask why, tell him he is behaving rude to a senior person and you are going to complain to RPO and APO. After you get his name, then do the following steps.

Now here's the thing you need to do. Email your RPO officer( [email protected]) and APO officer([email protected]), Tell them the same experience you posted here, include this following lines "I am not a beggar to be ordered by your officers, This is literally harassment from your officers, take action immediately." Type this and also write that you are going to CC your email to your ministry of external affairs,Police commissioner and chief minister then find out emails of Superintendent,police commissioner,ACP,DCP, chief minister, ministry of external affairs and cc them. Basically you want to reach this as much people as possible.

I felt very humiliated and asked his permission to answer him. He told us to not waste his time and leave the place. I told him this is not fair and he is not even ready to listen to us. I was almost in tears this time. He told me that i’m acting and he is going to call the security. There was a lady behind me who told me to show some respect to that person. I was even more hurt by her and told her that i am respecting him but he’s the one who’s not respecting us. She told me that since he’s in the authority i have to tolerate everything.

Holy shit, did he say that to you? You did nothing wrong, now the only thing you need to do is to follow up. You didn't got his name, that's OK for now. RPO office respond within a day, APO office takes 8-10 days but don't lose hope. I have went to the same procedure and I know how long does it take. Though I didn't face this kind of harassment.

IF you still got no response from any body, the next thing you can do is RTI, There is an officer taking RTI forms, though they basically try to drove people away, tell them you want to file this and you are not going to budge. If they still refused, you can file it by post so no worries there. Paging /u/agentbigman for what to write in the RTI.

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