Hospitalizations rising among fully vaccinated in U.S., Fauci says

I didn’t realize I was consenting to take a vaccine developed at “warp speed” that will be significantly less effective in 3 months and require boosters every 6 months in the name of protecting people who are mostly very old and statistically vote in mass against “handouts” and teaching about race , and I’m sure many people quietly feel the same way.

About 2 or 3 months ago they said the study from Israel was bull sh** and most people ate it up. The amount of group think is becoming clear to me, and yes, I really am vaccinated and always voted Democrat. “Science changes” LOL. Science avoids and utilizes lies to keep people docile and calm in the face of humanity’s failure. Scientists literally bowed down to America politically and said the results weren’t reliable.

They’re just not going to admit that they lied to keep people calm again as they did with the whole mask endeavor- we all know how that went.

I don’t have pandemic fatigue. The amount of people incapable of admitting the world has no idea what they’re doing about this virus and that it’s truly all about stealing everything from the poor at this point (on both sides)…it’s just disgusting.

The virus is very real and dangerous, but anything you put in your body should be looked at in terms of risk. It kind of seems like for young and otherwise healthy people, the risk is minute for both Covid and the vaccine- and it’s really about asking oneself “Do I want to get something made at warp speed injected into me 3 or 4 times year in the name of protecting people who think student loan cancelation is communism?”

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