Hospitals in America

Oh, there were angels of nurses but there were also nurses that treated me like if shit could shit because I was in the psych ward. They just viewed me as another crazy person. Which in & of itself is fucked up. But it was more fucked up that after they read my file & found out I was in there for a suicide attempt, they finally stopped taking to me like an annoying dog & treated me like an annoying subhuman...

For one, they kept telling me not to cry or the doctor wouldn't let me leave (5150 hold so I literally could not leave unless the doctor signed off on it). Whenever I started tearing up they'd say stuff like "you're not getting out acting like that." They also pressured me into popping pills throughout the day so I'd be a sedate zombie. They also pulled the "if you keep refusing medication, the doctor will see that & it will look like you're not trying."

I am so grateful for the nurses that treated me with genuine compassion & helped me but damn some of those nurses were terrible people.

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